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The problem we are solving

In the information age we are more confused than ever before. We are more stressed, depressed and anxious. As a result, chronic pain, inflammation and disease continues to grow. We have a burdened health sector focused primarily on cure-driven services. The irony is that we have never had better access to cutting-edge knowledge and technology tools than ever before.

We seek to offer personalised health solutions in innovative ways that empower people to stay healthy for life. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for being healthy and more so in an evermore socially isolated world.

Never let a good crisis go to waste - Winston Churchill

Our unique solution

At its core, HealthFit is a personal health care company that believes the power of technology (our platform) can improve quality of life in the right environment (our locations), supported by a like-minded and growing community (our customers).

We have iterated our model over the last 7 years into a highly effective wellbeing method that advocates for lifestyle changes – moving the dial on health.

Our solution is divided into 2 segments: operations for owner/operators; and customer services. Each location pays a licence fee to HealthFit for intellectual property. This means allows us to dedicate the resources for future innovation.

Gyms will no longer just be physical locations, they will be areas of performance, knowledge, connection and community.  We’ll need the tools to navigate this new world, and we seek to create them.

Phygital - our future is physical, the symbiotic and enhanced presence of physical and digital blended together - Emma Barry, Global Fitness Authority

What we're selling

With your help, we want to sell a turn-key web platform for owners and their customers (members, clients or for workplace programmes).

Investor Benefits

8-10x ROI

Proof of concept

Vigilant Management

Owner Benefits

Brand and marketing support

Full Operations Platform

Upskilling & Recruitment

Member Benefits

Products & Merchandise

iOS / Android Mobile App

Community & Top Experts

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