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Our Personal Trainers

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Nellie Merval

Wellington - Strength & Mobility

Nellie is especially passionate about helping people find ways to be healthier and fitter without going to extreme measures. Her belief is that if you don't like exercise then you just haven't yet found the right type of movement or exercise for you yet! With Nellie you won't be constantly focused on scales or body fat measurements - instead focus on feeling stronger, more capable, more functional and more confident in your own body.

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George Wilesmith

Wellington - Training & Run Coach

George is passionate and strongly dedicated to helping his clients reach their health and fitness goals! George qualified as a Personal Trainer to help others on their own health and wellness journey. He is also an experienced run coach having competed in a Half Iron Man, Xterra races, and many ultra marathons. If you need help training, recovering from an injury, or just need a hand with rest, George is here to help.

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Helena Oscilowska

Wellington & Martinborough - Fitness & Mobility

Helena works with many people who spend time in high stress environments to help them find more balance in their daily lives. The holistic approach she uses is based on the idea that 'each person is unique with highly individualised lifestyle and exercise requirements.' Her goal is to guide you to improve your fitness and mobility, make positive changes to your lifestyle and enhance your quality of life.

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Michael Fairless

Wellington & Martinborough - Strength & Conditioning

Michael’s training style is centred around creating life balance. He works to tailor your training to fit with your lifestyle needs. Michael also specialises in Box Fit from beginner skills to more advanced combinations and technique-based skill sets. His sessions have a strong recovery focus having studied Massage Therapy, therefore smart training and body recovery is a large part of his philosophy.

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Neddie Kerrison

Martinborough - Strength & Conditioning

With over 20 years of dance and fitness industry experience, Neddie is passionate about helping people to realise their potential, move better and feel better. Neddie has previously owned and operated her own dance company where she developed aspiring novice dancers through to experienced movers. She was able to help them embrace and grow their passion through movement - and now uses this same passion in the fitness industry. Neddie likes to incorporate a blend of strength and conditioning training methods and movement skills to help people achieve their goals. She makes exercise fun and achievable for any age and ability!

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Jacqui Gee

Wellington - Strength & Total Wellbeing

For over 30 years Jacqui has been involved in health, fitness and yoga. Choosing Jacqui as your exercise professional will help you take control of your hopes and dreams and turn them into goals and experiences. As your exercise professional Jacqui will help you strive to be the best that you can be through her strong communication, balanced approach and expert advice. It doesn't matter where you are on your wellbeing journey, if you want to live a balanced life doing the things that you love contact Jacqui today.

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Lotte Hawley

Greytown & Wellington - Strength & Conditioning

Lotte has vast personal training group fitness experience at Les Mills. She has done the miles with years of multi-sport participation, hiking and mountain biking. Lotte by nature, is a true creative earth child, and now, later on in life, believes that incorporating fitness and time in nature is an absolute necessity for body and mind. She is excited to connect those passions with the HealthFit Community. Lotte likes to combine strength and flexibility when training her clients and is also about to undertake her yoga certification. When Lotte is not in the gym you will find her absorbed in her art work or off on a hiking adventure with camera in tow.

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Josh Salter

Wellington & Martinborough - Strength & Conditioning & Run Coach

Josh has had an extensive background in sport and endurance events and loves experimenting with moving well and feeling great. He is constantly challenging himself to run both marathon and ultra-marathon distances. Josh also has a history of cheffing that led to a journey of discovery towards greater health and wellbeing. Josh is fully committed to health and fitness where he can guide you and find out what makes you tick. He’ll get you there, and beyond, in the best way possible.

HealthFit Team

Our Directors

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Mish McCormack

Wellington & Martinborough - Engagement

Mish has been awarded ‘New Zealand Personal Trainer of the Year’ four times by Exercise New Zealand and ‘World’s Top Ten Personal Trainers to Watch’ by Lifefitness in England in 2013. While she still manages a small number of referrals, Mish ensures the workplace is engaged and integrates herself fully within our services while also balancing life as a busy mum of two.

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Theo Bostrovas

Wellington - Operations

Theo has been in the fitness industry since 1997 and is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. Theo co-ordinates the team and ensures that all processes run efficiently, effectively and has continuity for all our clientele. He still manages a small number of referrals, ensuring that his clients are trained to suit their needs and assessed thoroughly with the best service.

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Carl Hammington

Wellington - Education

Carl’s mission is to guide the individual to be happy and healthy. He delivers his service in a playful way to help guide his clients on a sustainable and enjoyable journey. He is a firm believer in living authentically, so you will see him self-experimenting in many ways to drive his evolution - mostly through countless failures!” He studied exercise science at university which sparked his learning within peripheral areas of psychology, nutrition, functional medicine, spirituality and much more.

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Greig Rightford

Wellington & Martinborough - Strategy

Greig has been in the industry since 2002 and was awarded ‘New Zealand Personal Trainer of the Year’ by Exercise New Zealand in 2013. His goal has always been to align health, wellbeing and physical resilience for people in all environments. Greig consults with organisations on health & wellness initiatives to develop forward-thinking & engaging strategies. He also enjoys working with a select number of clients in their personal health and fitness pursuits to help them to be the best version of themselves.


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