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At HealthFit we decided that we were not doing enough to improve wellbeing. So we decided to create challenges that are free for members and focused on changing our behaviours. So we researched the most impactful ways to improve human health and so we have created five wellbeing programmes.
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Spring into Summer 1st February - 19th March

The ultimate challenge in which we put it all together and really take action and live our positive changes. The aim is to improve your level of performance, so we realise a higher state of wellness by taking ownership of these positive lifestyle changes. We'll do this in a fun and supportive environment to help provide accountability and sustainable change!

Sleep Challenge 10th May - 6th June

Did you know that disrupted sleep patterns have been named a carcinogen? We all know how good it feels when you get a good night's sleep. When we don't sleep properly, we can make our bodies more toxic over time. So, over 4 weeks we'll explore what sleep is, why it is so important, and then put actions into place to help optimise this foundation of wellbeing.

Hydration Challenge 28th June - 25th July

Did you know that dehydration is linked to pain experience, body composition and inflammation? In this challenge, we will explore why it's important to hydrate and how to do it best to suit you. We'll give the tools and accountability to ensure you are well hydrated!

Mindset Challenge 2nd August - 29th August

Did you know that just by bringing a mindful element to your life you can make better and more accurate decisions as well as reduce chronic stress levels overall? In this challenge we will explore what a healthy mindset is and how to best go about it for you. We will touch on gratitude and meditation.

Nutrition Challenge 4th October - 31st October

Did you know that what you eat can have an effect on your mental health and resilience? In this challenge we'll move through the nutritional foundations that apply to every human on the planet. Next step is helping to set yourself up for a good relationship with food as well as some healthy habits moving forward.

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